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CNPY4 inhibits the Hedgehog pathway by modulating membrane sterol lipids. Nature Communications.  2022

Lo M, Sharir A, Paul MD, Torosyan H, AgnewC, Li A, Neben C, MarangoniP, XuL, RaleighDR, Jura N, Klein OD.


Early perturbation of Wnt signaling reveals patterning and invagination-evagination control points in molar toothdevelopment. Development. 2021

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From bite to byte: Dental structures resolved at a single-cell resolution. Journal of Dental Research. Invited Review. 2021

Fresia R, Marangoni P, Burstyn-Cohen T and Sharir A**Corresponding author


KrasP34R and KrasT58I mutations induce distinct RASopathy phenotypes in mice. JCI Insight. 2020

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A large pool of actively cycling progenitors orchestrates self-renewal and injury repair of an ectodermal appendage. Nature Cell Biology. 2019

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Mechanoresponsive stem cells acquireneural crest fate in jaw regeneration. Nature. 2018

Chase RR, Carter AC, Salhotra A, Marecic O, Lopez ML, Sharir A, Wan DC, Klein OD, Chang HY, and Longaker MT

Sharir lab for dental and craniofacial regeneration Phone: +972-2-675-7329  e-mail

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Isl1 mediates mesenchymal expansion in the developing external genitalia via regulation of Bmp4, Fgf10, and Wnt5a. Hum Mol Genet. 2017

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Human iPS cell-derived neurons uncover the impact of increased Ras signaling in Costello Syndrome. J Neurosci. 2016

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Loss of osteoblast Runx3 produces severe congenital osteopenia. Mol Cell Biol. 2015

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Abnormal Ras signaling in Costello syndrome (CS) negatively regulates enamel formation. Hum Mol Genet. 2014

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2010 and Earlier

Bone vascularization and trabecular bone formation are mediated by PKB alpha/Akt1 in a gene-dosage-dependent manner: in vivo and ex vivo MRI. Magn Reson Med. 2010

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Mice lacking the orphan receptor ror1 have distinct skeletal abnormalities and are growth retarded. Dev Dyn. 2010

Lyashenko N, Weissenböck M, Sharir A, Erben RG, Minami Y and Hartmann C

2010-The VetJournal.png

The influence of severe prolonged exercise restriction on the mechanical and structural properties of bone in an avian model. Vet J. 2010

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Sharir A, Milgram J and Shahar R.

Sharir lab for dental and craniofacial regeneration Phone: +972-2-675-7329  e-mail

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